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Is writing a will on your to-do list this summer?

Probably not, because you’d rather be soaking up rays at the beach, camping by the lake, or grilling in the backyard.

No one likes to think about death. But it breaks my heart to see families lose a loved one and then have to navigate through so many details amidst such pain.

Writing a will can save your family from having a significant headache in addition to their heartache.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a will,

your family likely faces a future not only without niceties but also without necessities.


If you die suddenly without a will, state laws determine how your assets are distributed. Your spouse might not have control your assets if you have other close living relatives.

Writing a will now could make all the difference in your family’s future. Because you never know when the unexpected might just happen.

Learn more about the importance of writing a will in our new resource titled “Widows Worst Nightmare.”

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