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On the Horizon: Exponential Economic Surplus, Prosperity

Flashpoint of the Golden Age of the Digital Techno-Eco Boom ushers in dramatic growth

economic surplus

Ken Fisher describes the Flashpoint in this Financial Times article.

From it (technology) will come ideas, creations, machines, gadgets, medicines, and more that none of us can envision today. Things will get cheaper, make us more productive, stretch resources further and render faster economic growth. 

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BERK’s Take:

The stock market is doing so well because it is looking ahead into the future. It sees that the Flashpoint of the Golden Age of the Digital Techno-Eco Boom will usher in dramatic increases in prosperity, economic surplus, and growth.

Of course, it will take great companies to create all of the innovations we have to look forward to during the next 20 years. And now has never been a better time to invest in stocks of great companies via separately managed accounts.

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