Will you have enough income?

You need more money for retirement than you think.

Shares of great companies are the only solution. The point at which the second person passes of a non-smoking couple retiring at age 62 is 30 years…age 92. Because you’ve had better educations, better healthcare, better jobs, and more income…don’t count on being average. Your retirement is likely longer than average.

To offset trendline inflation of just 3.0%, your income must rise about 2.4x over 30 years.

If you need $10,000 a month on top of Social Security in Year 1, you’ll need $11,600 in Year 5, $13,400 in Year 10…, and so on.

Where do you find rising income?

Where do you find rising income?

Owning companies not lending to them. When you invest in stocks, you're an owner of businesses. When you invest in bonds, you're a lender to businesses or governments. Bonds, often referred to as fixed income securities, by definition, do not produce rising income. The income payout is fixed.

Sharply rising income has most reliably been produced through the ownership of successful companies. We invest in portfolios of shares of these companies for you.

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