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My friends, fear will blind you.

I’m practically hoarse after repeating and repeating (and repeating) my stance on volatility in the stock market. Making a huge mistake because of temporary downturns is the most common and predictably irrational thing that humans do when a correction rears its head. What’s more – it can wipe out the funding for our most cherished goals, such as retirement.

So, I’ll say it again – open your eyes.

Focus on that light at the end of the tunnel.

The stock market is in a permanent uptrend interrupted from time to time by buying opportunities. Smart investors who remain calm and stick with a disciplined approach may get a little bruised along the way, but they continuously come out ahead.

Look, volatility in the stock market is part of the industry’s DNA. Historically, stocks go up. From time to time, they go down.

Stock market corrections – defined as a decline of 10% to 20% of a major market index – are a normal part of the investment landscape. Relatively speaking, they are healthy when valuations get a bit extended, as they wipe out excess enthusiasm, reduce valuations, and set the foundation for another round of gains.

The ValueAligned® philosophy of downside protection mimics the practices of the ultra-wealthy. We manage volatility by investing in a diversified portfolio of stocks of good companies. As a rule, we buy low and sell high, and we avoid risky investments such as fixed income bank deposits that result in a losing battle against inflation.

Swings in the market are almost as commonplace as breathing. So take the emotion out of investment –this is a key to long term financial success.

Invest with confidence. Schedule your free, 15-minute financial assessment with us. I’m happy to answer any questions about volatility in the stock market, and I’m never more than an email or a phone call away at or 732-800-2375.