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How much has your salary increased since 2009?

What about the value of your home?

If it’s less than 178%, you’ve got nothing on the stock market.


The Great Recession of 2009: Six Years Later

Q1 2015 marked the sixth anniversary of America’s worst recession in decades. Since then, the stock market is up a +178% rise – not even including dividends.

Of course, that number probably could have been higher if not for overzealous government stimulus packages, mandates, and regulations….

Nevertheless, investors who weathered the storm have earned record high returns.

How much have you earned for retirement since the great recession of 2009?

Q1 2015 Results for ValueAligned® Partners

Our strategy showed continued promise in Q1 2015.

  • ValueAligned Fund was +5.1% compared to other stock hedge funds at +2.2%.
  • ValueAligned Model Portfolio was +5.1% while the S&P 500 was +1.0%, with its dividends reinvested.

Because of overvalued stocks and greedy sentiment, we’re still hedging our gains with cash. We have about 15% cash in the long-only ValueAligned portfolio so we can take advantage of lower prices when they come.

How Much Have You Earned for Retirement Since the Great Recession of 2009?

Americans are technically six years closer to retiring. But in reality, poor investing decisions could require them to spend six more years at the office than they had planned.

Despite the stock market increase, many Americans are still losing purchasing power by investing in fixed-income investments rather than rising-income ones.

How much retirement money will you lose this year to inflation?

Whether you live in Monmouth County, New Jersey or elsewhere throughout the U.S., I can help you get started investing in stocks of great companies so you can achieve your retirement dreams. It’s something I’ve been doing for more than a decade.

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