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The spooky season is fun for trick-or-treaters. But it can be hell on earth for investors who don’t start transferring their money to stocks now.

Why now?

The economy flashed the BUY SIGNAL. The stock market fired the starting gun.

And history is on our side.

The post mid-term election rally period has averaged +16% since 1946, with zero negative years!

The season for soul-searching – and buying stocks

Are your savings in stocks of great companies? Check your 401(k) allocation.

Do you have 401(k)s at former employers? Put them in one IRA Rollover.

Do you have more cash than you need? Transfer it to stocks.

Are you expecting a bonus or other windfall? Set up accounts now!

Start celebrating ‘Stockober’ today

I want to make sure you don’t miss out on ‘Stocktober.’

Call your broker, advisor, or banker – or give me a shout. I advise my friends and family on this stuff all the time, and I promise there’s no fee or obligation.

My company ValueAligned® Partners helps maximize investors’ lifetime returns through a unique approach: direct ownership in stocks of great companies.

Call me at (732) 800-2375, email me at, or go to for guidance today. And sign up for my helpful email newsletters.

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