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Stock market volatility has spooked many investors. But if you follow Warren Buffett’s lead and react strategically during downturns, you could earn a significantly larger nest egg.

3 Ways Stock Market Volatility Could Benefit You

(1) The Chance to Grow Your Nest Egg 

Warren Buffett has a simple piece of advice for stock market investors:

Be greedy when others are fearful, and be fearful when others are greedy.   

Selling your stocks when the going gets tough leaves you vulnerable to “buy high, sell low” losses, not to mention the lost potential when the stock market bounces back. Many average investors who stayed in from 2008-2015 have done exceptionally well – much better than if they had sold their stocks because of fear.

(2) The Chance to Revisit Your Retirement Investment Strategy

When the stock market tanks, you’re tempted to jump ship. But after you sell, what will you do with the money?

Embrace stock market volatility as an opportunity to revisit your “number” and your strategy for achieving it. Work with your financial advisor to answer these hard-hitting questions:

  • Should I switch to fixed-income investments?
  • Are bonds a good option right now?
  • Will the return keep up with inflation?

(3) The Chance to Become a Stronger Investor  

Still shell-shocked from the 2008 stock market crash? How much did you lose? Warren Buffet lost nearly $7.5 billion. But he’s since made it all back – and then some.

I’m not Warren Buffett, and neither are you. But don’t miss this lesson: the longer you weather stock market storms, the stronger the investor you become. And that could lead to returns above and beyond what you thought possible.


Stock Market Volatility and ValueAligned® Partners

My fee-only retirement investing company ValueAligned® Partners embraces stock market volatility in Red Bank, New Jersey; Middletown, New Jersey; and beyond as an opportunity for our investors to become stronger and more successful.

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