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Stock market dips can be an inevitable part of the investing experience for Monmouth County, New Jersey residents. But abandoning the market altogether could cause a massive dip in your retirement savings potential.

If you’re looking to grow your nest egg – and let’s face it, who isn’t? – you might just want to persevere through stock market dips. Here’s why:

Top 3 Reasons to Stay the Course Despite Stock Market Dips


(1) You Could Be Less Likely To Outlive Your Retirement Savings

Pulling your money out of the market might seem like a prudent move following a stock market dip. But you’ll have to decide where to re-invest your money. You could transition to fixed-income investments such as bonds, but they might not even outpace inflation. You actually could lose some of your retirement savings by investing in bonds!

By staying in the stock market, you will have the chance to grow your investments and help ensure that you will have enough money to life comfortably during retirement.


(2) You Could Be Able To Retire Sooner

The strongest stock investors have weathered decades of stock market ups and downs. They’ve not only lived to tell about it, but they’ve also vastly increased their retirement savings as a result.

If you transition your money from mostly fixed-income investments to mostly stocks of great companies, you could have the opportunity to grow your retirement savings so much that you can retire even earlier than you thought possible.

(3) You Could Multiply Your Nest Egg

Warren Buffet recommends that stock investors be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful. By following his own advice, he has persevered through some of the worst stock market dips in history – including the 2008 recession – and once again boasts tens of billions in net worth.

If you think Warren Buffett is out of your league, you might be right. But maybe you can relate to the middle-income investors who have stayed in the stock market since 2008 and have earned record returns as a result.


The ValueAligned® Partners Approach to Stock Market Dips

I created my company ValueAligned Partners® to help prevent prudent investors in Middletown, New Jersey; Red Bank, New Jersey; and the rest of the U.S. from falling prey to the pitfalls of mutual funds and fixed-income investments.

If you’d like to get started investing in stocks of great companies as a way to save for retirement in Monmouth County, New Jersey, I’m never more than an email or phone call away at or 732-800-2375.

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