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Mutual Fund Fees

Better Late Than Never

The investment world has just exploded. Not with nitrogen — but with the news that mutual funds have high annual fees.


(Too bad I already knew it.)

A study from the SEC finally acknowledges that mutual funds contain hidden fees. Who knew?! “Over time, even ongoing fees that are small can have a big impact on your investment portfolio.” So sayeth the SEC.

And so sayeth me, for the past twenty years.

Following up on the SEC report, the New York Times published an article describing the “pernicious effect” mutual funds create through a “seemingly small annual fee over time.”

Even with these major outlets confirming the mutual fund madness, our work is not over until every friend, neighbor, and client understands how mutual fund fees are killing their lifetime returns.

In honor of tax season, here’s another reason to get out of mutual funds: the IRS and inflation.

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