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Your local investing professional probably isn’t a bad guy. He’s just stuck in an archaic and oppressive Wall Street system that he’s helpless to change.

Unfortunately, he’s hardly the only one who’s suffering.

Even the savvy investors, including those who have made robo-investing as popular as it is today, are missing the point: that middlemen are still lining their pockets with your money.


What exactly is robo-investing?

It’s the common term for automated online portfolio management, in which investment portfolios are built and managed at the lowest possible costs by leveraging the latest technology.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with automated financial management. In fact, robo-investing has helped drive costs down while forcing advisors to up the ante on the value they provide.

Still, just like victims of the Wall Street prison guards, many robo-investors will never reach their “Number” for retirement. Because they’re still paying unnecessarily high fees to the middleman.

For decades, Wall Street has duped investors into paying hidden fees – and suffering tax consequences – associated with mutual funds, ETFs, and indexes. Now robo-advisors are reducing face time but holding fast to unnecessary fees.

Your current advisor is likely entrenched in a broken system, and he deserves to be freed from the prison guards of Wall Street. Just like robo-investors deserve freedom from the middleman and associated fees.

The good news is that the system has already started disaggregating itself, slowly but surely.

Just don’t go “robo” without also shaking off the middlemen and hidden fees.

The only way to truly eliminate middlemen and hidden fees is to own stocks of great companies directly via separately managed accounts.

My clients talk to me around the clock and ALWAYS have my personal eye on their investments. The point is that, through my best-of-both-worlds approach to robo-investing, we reduce the costs associated with unnecessary middlemen.

Call me at (732) 800-2375 when you’re ready to break free.

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