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When thinking about what to look for in an investment advisor, sometimes it can feel a lot like picking a life partner.

You want someone you feel comfortable with; someone who is on your team through thick and thin, sharing the same long- and short-term goals; a person who has seen the ups and downs of life, and is ready to impart their wisdom on that relationship moving forward.

Doesn’t that sound right?

It should, because picking the right investment advisor, one that leads to increased wealth with an eye towards retirement, needs to be a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

So what is the #1 quality to look for in an investment advisor?

Find someone you can trust.

I used to work on Wall Street and left because I couldn’t stand watching hard-working Americans lose their money to the money-hungry mutual fund managers who make it their goal to sell as many fee-ridden mutual funds as possible.

My goal is to provide a way for you to maximize your retirement savings through investing free of hidden fees.

It’s a strategy I’ve used for years and learned while working at Stern Stewart & Co. At ValueAligned® Partners, we invest in stocks of great companies, whose managers’ interests line up with its investors’ interests. It’s called Value-based Management (“VBM”).

It’s a simple system.

No middle man. No hidden fees. We charge 1% of the money you invest with us, an all-in fee for money management, advisory, commissions, and reporting. That’s right there are no extra commissions.

Besides finding someone you trust, it’s important that they have the experience you can count on. I have an MBA in Finance and a BA in Economics from Columbia University, spent decades on Wall Street, and have been fine-tuning the ValueAligned® Partners’ strategy for nearly 15 years.

You only need 15 minutes to learn more about our process through a free financial assessment. Email me or call at or 732-800-2375 so we can setup our 15-minute check-up.