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Understanding the Digital Boom

America has gone through five great technology booms in the last two centuries, according to the editors at Trends Magazine. We’re still in the fifth: the Digital Boom, which began in 1971 and continues to promise profits from enhanced computing capabilities.

Despite the Great Recession, we can still harvest the boom’s full effects. But only if we arrest the prison guards of the past – on the Left and Right.

prison guards

Image Credit: xandert l morguefile

The most obvious solution is to elect politicians who won’t impede technological advancements by creating more regulations.

But to truly experience the boom, we need more than to replace politicians. We need to undo the centralized bureaucracy, litigation, regulations, and red tape that delay and kill breakthroughs.

Who are the Prison Guards?

The progressive movement is entrenched; in addition to individuals, we’re up against environmental organizations, public unions, political parties, federal bureaucracies, and universities – all of which perpetuate the prison guard mentality to moldable American minds.

Washington’s intellectual elite still believe that spending declines relative to large-scale budgeted baselines devastate economic growth. In fact, history shows that less government spending propels private economic growth.

To ensure America’s fifth great technology boom reaches its full potential, we must arrest the prison guards themselves. And that starts at the polls this November. Be there – or risk your own financial security, both now and in retirement. Contact me today to learn more: or 732-800-2375.