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This is the second post of a four-post series about my new white paper, “Stop Wasting Your Money in Mutual Funds,” which exposes how hidden mutual fund fees are costing investors like you millions of dollars. To receive your free copy, click here.

Mutual fund companies employ highly educated portfolio managers and analysts – not teachers. Still, you’d think they could find a spare minute to educate investors how to avoid one of the key pitfalls of mutual funds: behaving badly because you’re human.

pitfalls of mutual funds

With the school year about to start, it’s a great time for you to learn how to avoid the three types of emotional investment decisions made by all humans – which cut some 3% every year from your investment’s return.

  • Investing in the wrong thing
  • Investing at the wrong time
  • Investing for the wrong reasons

Why don’t mutual fund companies educate investors like you? Because they want the money to keep rolling in. Mutual fund managers get rich at your expense, sucking out as much as 60% of your lifetime returns.

You’re probably thinking that it would make more sense if mutual fund companies’ and investors’ interests were aligned. My thoughts exactly.

That’s why I created ValueAligned® Partners, my fee only investment firm. We eliminate the layers and layers of fees and commissions so you get the lion’s share of your actual underlying investments’ returns. We also provide you the financial advice and planning along the way – as part of our 1% annual fee of money in your account for all financial services.

Read my mutual funds white paper today to learn more about how you can avoid the poor investing decisions that cause retirement losses. Click here and enter your email in the pop-up window to receive your free copy!

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