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Should Americans Care More About Poverty or Inequality?

“Today’s British poor spend half as much of their income on food and clothing as in the 1950s, while working many fewer hours, living about eight years longer and having access to phones, cars, medicines, and budget airlines that would have amazed even the rich in the 1950s.

via Do people mind more about inequality than poverty? – Matt Ridley.

Berk’s Take

The obsession with “inequality” diverts attention away from the failures of the intellectuals’ moronic policies.

Poverty is declining.  Inequality is actually declining by any real measure of flesh and blood people.  The flesh and blood poor — not the statistical quantiles or quartiles or deciles the intellectual morons are so fond of citing — real people are living better, longer, and are rising faster than ever before.

When we rid ourselves of the moronic economic policies of the feel-good elites in power, there will be breathtaking advances by all flesh and blood people in the US and around the world. (Save, of course, Venezuela, Argentina, North Korea, and Iran, who will continue to drive their people farther and farther behind the rest of the world.)

We’re lucky enough to live in a country where great companies are allowed to thrive. And we have the opportunity to invest in those companies as a means of fueling their growth and, in turn, growing our income above and beyond inflation.

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