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Even the richest Americans are worried about having enough for retirement. 51% of affluent investors — defined as those who have total investable assets of $500,000 or more — say they are concerned about being financially secure in retirement. That’s according to a survey from Personal Capital in conjunction with ORC International, which asked 1,000 affluent Americans what concerns they have about financial planning. Other major concerns among rich people? 46% are worried their portfolios are not properly tax-optimized, while 42% are concerned their portfolios won’t withstand a market downturn. Considering that the median net worth of American families is about $80,000, rich people may not actually have as much to worry about as the rest of America. As the Financial Samurai blog put it, “Affluent investors have to be one of the most paranoid demographics around.”

Source: The No. 1 financial fear among rich people should have you seriously concerned – MarketWatch