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Are you paying unnecessarily high fees to your retirement adviser, mutual fund company, or insurance company?

For years, investors in Monmouth County, New Jersey and throughout the U.S. have been hip to the high costs and hidden fees associated with most retirement advisers and other middlemen.

But with the President’s new fiduciary standard proposal, I’m hoping that all investors will see the light and stop sacrificing their retirement savings to these blatant conflicts of interest.


Most Retirement Advisers Are Not Fiduciaries

The ugly truth? 85% of retirement advisers are not fiduciaries. That means that helping you increase your retirement savings is not necessarily their priority. Nor is giving investment advice that is solely in your best interest for your unique financial situation.

The good news? Helping you increase your retirement savings through tailored financial advice is my priority.

Since I founded my company ValueAligned® Partners in 2002, I’ve helped countless Americans eliminate the middleman and often retire earlier and more comfortably than they thought possible.


Roll Over Your Old 401(k)s Today

When you roll over your old 401(k)s into an IRA managed by me, you can…

  • monitor your investment plan more easily than ever;
  • rest assured that I’m managing your account based on your best interests (remember, I chose to deliver advice in your sole best interest under the fiduciary standard, long before the President suggested that all advisors live by it); and
  • never forfeit a big chunk of your lifetime returns to a broker, mutual fund company, or insurance company again!

All for just a 1% all inclusive fee, compared to an average 3-4% for the typical 401(k) administrative, advisory, and management fees.

You Can Help Enhance Your Retirement Savings by Eliminating All Middlemen

All it takes?

Just a 10-minute phone call, some quick paperwork filled out while we chat, and your signature authorizing your old 401(k) administrator to roll over the account to me.


Roll Over Your 401(k) to ValueAligned® Partners Today

I’ve helped countless investors in Middletown, NJ; Red Bank, NJ; elsewhere in Monmouth County, NJ; and across the country roll over their 401(k)s to me – often allowing them to retire earlier and more comfortably than they thought possible.

Call me today at 732-800-2375 to get started growing your retirement savings today!

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