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What’s Wrong with the Modern Diet?

modern diet

 At first, fats were bad for us they said, so we started eating pasta and cereal for dinner.  Eggs were no good either, but now eggs turn out to be the best thing ever!

“The first dietary guidelines for Americans were published in 1977, almost at the same time the obesity epidemic started. The anti-fat message essentially put the blame on saturated fat and cholesterol (harmless), while giving sugar and refined carbs (very unhealthy) a free pass…We are still being advised to follow this type of diet, despite the studies showing it to be completely ineffective.

— via What’s Wrong With The Modern Diet [CHARTS] – Business Insider.

Berk’s Take

Are we fatter because of what the government sponsors said back then?

All I am saying is think for yourself. Stop following the intellectual morons blindly.

First, they said the world is warming due to big, bad fossil fuels that we all depend on for great lives.  Then they said the globe stopped warming — but that’s still bad because it is not “warming” but it’s “climate change” we are worried about.

Remember the research boat that went to see the ice shrinking and got caught in the ice? And remember when there was going to be  a “new ice age”?

The worse the problem, the greater the government funding.  No problem, no funding — so there will always be a problem.

At least there are great companies out there still leading us into the Golden Age of the 5th Technological Revolution. And it’s companies like those that I recommend buying stocks in. They’re your best bet for a rising income investment that can help grow your wealth despite inflation.

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