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I just posted my 2016 outlook on investing in stocks vs bonds, and we are already seeing opportunities in stock investing that bonds just can’t offer.

If you were wondering when is the right time to invest in stocks this year, you’re in luck.

We are in the midst of a critical market correction. Our most useful oversold indicator just reached just 25% of S&P500 Index trading above their 50 day moving averages.

Don’t know what that means? I’ll tell you.


When the oversold indicator reaches a lower bound, as it did today, it is a sign that the price of the S&P500 Index of stocks is becoming oversold. Sound like a bad thing? This is a GREAT thing for you! This has represented buying opportunities for investors over the past two years.

My latest video is less than two minutes long and quickly explains the current situation of the market correction.

Don’t miss this opportunity to buy stocks!

At ValueAligned® Partners, we care about your long-term finances. We want to help you save for retirement and, you guessed it, investing in stocks is the way to do that.

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