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Do you know what days the market closes for 2022? Or when different tax forms are due? Or when the various enrollment periods for Medicare and health insurance begin and end?

Each year brings with it a host of new dates, deadlines, and observances to track. But I like to keep things easy, so I will be sending you a postcard once a quarter with the key financial deadlines that every investor needs to be aware of. It lists critical tax and investment deadlines, market closures, and other important dates.

But it’s also kind of fun. In addition to the financial deadlines, we’ve included most major holidays as well as more enjoyable observances, like the dates of major sporting events and such special observances as Cybersecurity Month, Teacher Appreciation Week, and Relaxation Day (we all need one of those each year!).

Look for your 2022 Postcards in your inbox at the beginning of each quarter. Click here for the Winter Postcard. There’s nothing you need to do (unless the postcard reminds you of something we should discuss – then call me!).