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start-investing-in-stocksIf I asked you what 2 + 2 equals, you’d say 4 is the only correct answer, right?

And if I asked you the name of the current U.S. President, you’d say only one name, right?

I have no beef with the number 4, but Obama’s another story. Despite my disdain for his policies, his name remains the ONLY correct answer to the question.

Some financial questions have one correct answer, too.

But Wall Street would have you think otherwise, at least for the question how can I maximize my lifetime returns?

Let me play teacher for a second and correct this egregious error:


The best way to maximize your lifetime returns is to invest in stocks of great companies.


After taxes and inflation, stocks are the only financial asset that provides a return.

Not to mention, owning stocks of great companies directly – without the middlemen – saves you millions that you would have paid in layers of hidden fees.

Stop the madness!

I’ve never heard of a group that tries to convince people that 2 + 2 doesn’t equal 4.

But the Wall Street machine recommends not that you start investing in stocks of great companies directly, but that you allocate your invested assets broadly among stocks, bonds, commodities, and cash.

So please stop listening to these people:

  • Brokers
  • Financial planners
  • Mutual fund managers
  • Everyone else sympathetic to Wall Street!

There are infinite responses to 2 + 2, but 4 is the only correct one.

When it comes to the question of maximizing your lifetime returns, there are many responses, but only one correct answer: to start investing in stocks of great companies directly.

ValueAligned® Partners is redefining investing by eliminating the layers of hidden fees that have been reducing your returns since the 1980s.

To start investing in stocks of great companies today, call me at 732-800-2375!


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