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If you’re a good stock investor in Monmouth County, NJ, the market might seem like a fair-weather friend – especially if you’ve stayed in despite many fluctuations.

The first time you get the chance to buy low and sell high, the market slams you with a correction. What gives?

Weathering stock market ups and downs is key to becoming a good stock investor. But it’s easy to quit when the hard rain starts to fall. Whether you’re a first-time investor or an experienced investor looking to re-enter the market, hone your skills with tips below.


Listen to Warren Buffett – not the wind.

Can your sister predict the weather based on pressure in her joints? Can your best friend tell that a storm is coming simply by listening to the wind?

It’s important to listen to messages being sent by your body and by nature – but not when it comes to investing. To help my clients save for retirement, I consider real-life indicators and then assess probabilities accordingly. I also recommend that my clients follow Warren Buffet’s advice: “Be greedy when others are fearful, and be fearful when others are greedy.”


Weather stock market ups and downs during every season.

Stock market fluctuations often correlate with world events. Take last October’s correction, for example. That 10% dip was associated with fear caused by the Ebola crisis and growing instability in Europe.

Unfortunately, we can’t always predict disastrous world events, and that’s why good stock investors learn to stay put no matter how bad things get. In fact, many investors who have remained in the market since the 2009 recession have done amazing things for their retirement savings.


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