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You’ve been hiding from the stock market, haven’t you?

It’s okay — just admit it. A new Spectrem article has already given you up.

According to “Investing Trends Between 2005 and 2013,” most Mass Affluent investors (those with a net worth between $100K and $1M) reduced their stock market shares after the recession and haven’t re-upped them since.

shutterstock_95676559 hide and seekAs I told my clients over and over again in 2008, don’t jump ship. And look what we have here, the stock market is afloat again. To wit: The S&P 500 Index was +32.4% for 2013.

And get this – the ValueAligned® Model Portfolio was +34.4% last year. We’re already +3.4% since year’s end!

What can we attribute those high numbers to? Three thriving healthcare companies, for starters. To learn all the factors of our 2013 success, click here to read my ValueAligned® Portfolio Fourth Quarter 2013 Letter.

Here’s the only bad news: If most of your money’s still in low-yielding fixed income accounts, you’ll not only fail to get ahead, but you’ll also fail to save enough for retirement.

Hey, the stock market misses you! It’s time to come out and play with ValueAligned® Partners.