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This is the first post of a four-post series about my new white paper, “Stop Wasting Your Money in Mutual Funds,” which exposes how hidden mutual fund fees are costing investors like you millions of dollars. To receive your free copy, click here and enter your email in the pop-up window.

Consumers cry bloody murder over hidden fees for hotel rooms and other services but don’t even know that hidden mutual fund fees are costing them millions of dollars in retirement savings.

If you invest in mutual funds, you’re likely blind to myriad fees that were never disclosed to you or remain buried within your prospectus’ fine print.


Grab a magnifying glass, and get hip to the many kinds of hidden mutual fund fees:

  • 12b–1 (Marketing) Fees cost you .5 -.75% of your investment.
  • Annual Management and Administrative Fees cost you a full 1%.
  • Trading Costs up the ante at 1.4%.
  • Commissions, Front-End Loads, and Back-End Loads reduce your investment by even more!

(Advisory Fees are the only fees that are worthwhile – they pay advisors to give you good advice.)

You’re already losing at least 3.5%. But that doesn’t include the other pitfalls of mutual funds – taxes and poor investing decisions. Combined, they could cause you to run out of money in retirement.

Angry? Frustrated? Join the club. I founded ValueAligned® Partners to help investors like you overcome the pitfalls of mutual funds by giving you access to world-class investing strategies for just a 1% fixed fee.

Will your mutual fund investment ruin your retirement savings? Don’t wait to find out. To receive your free copy today, click here and enter your email in the pop-up window.

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