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Buy Stocks Before the Mid-Term Election Effect Kicks In

Here’s what you’ll learn in three easy-to-digest sections:

  1. The first 5 minutes describes the BUY SIGNAL.
  2. During the next 5 minutes, I discuss 3 principles that contradict Wall Street dogma.
  3. In the last 10 minutes, I give you 4 actions to take right now so you don’t miss out on a high-probability, post mid-term election rally that has returned an average +16% since 1946 – with 0 negative return years.

03:28 – 04:10 The BUY SIGNAL, less than 30% of the S&P 500 stocks
above 50 day MA

04:10 – 05:19 Year after the Mid Term elections have been positive
since 1946 , average +16%, Use the weakness in October to get in.

05:19 – 10:37 Don’t make the BIG MISTAKE – invest in stocks or real
estate, get out of cash and/or bonds.

10:37 – 20:38

  1. Check 401(k) allocation choices put all your savings in stocks of great companies.
  2. Move your 401(k)s at former employers to one IRA Rollover that you control the fees and choose the investment managers/advisors.
  3. More cash than you need? CDs and other accounts earning 1% or less – Don’t Miss Out
  4. Set up accounts now if you expect a windfall – bonus, sale of a house, change of control.

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