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Fund Investors: Too Many Still Buying High, Selling Low

Some fund investors are their own worst enemy

Buying high and selling low — we all know that is no way to invest.

But study after study shows that fund investors without good guidance to help keep their emotions in check do just that.

And it costs them – about 2.5% per year according to the study mentioned below:

fund investors

…, it turns out investors’ self-inflicted wounds are often worse. Over the last decade, the average investor’s returns have trailed his or her own fund by 2.5 percentage points annually. That’s massive. 

via Fund Investors Are Their Own Worst Enemies – Focus on Funds –

The Answer to Bad Investing Behavior

If you’re a fund investor who has ever bought high and sold low, I feel your pain. Poor investing behavior accounts for a great deal of the money that can be lost during the process.

I recommend investing in stocks of great companies via separately managed accounts because it gives you more freedom than mutual funds — and without the hidden fees.

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