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You’ve recently developed a rash on a sensitive part of your body. It’s quite painful and continues to grow more and more grotesque with each passing day.

According to a new Wells Fargo & Co study, you’d be more willing to discuss this embarrassing condition with your doctor than discuss your personal financial data with a financial advisor.

Why? There’s not one, but TWO anxiety-inducing steps involved in the financial planner-client relationship.

Two Kinds of Financial Advisor Anxiety

(1) Disclosure Anxiety – If you avoid talking about your finances with your spouse and/or your children, just sharing your financial information with an advisor could make you shiver.

(2) Evaluation Anxiety – Once your advisor evaluates your information, he or she might think less of you. What negative comments are in you in store for?


Learning to Put Away the Shame

Guess what? Your doctor wouldn’t have a job if people didn’t get icky rashes once in a while. And your financial advisor wouldn’t have his or her career either if people like you didn’t need help planning for retirement.

Talking about your finances doesn’t have to be a difficult conversation. In fact, it can be truly liberating – but you never know until you try.

The first step? Stop feeling ashamed! Whether you think you earn too little, earn too much, or spend too much, remember that your financial advisor has seen it all and is in no position to judge you.


Beating Financial Advisor Anxiety with ValueAligned® Partners

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