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Seen the Carl Icahn Danger Ahead video yet?

If not, STOP what you’re doing, and watch it right now:

I know you’re busy with your job, your house, your kids, and everything else. But that’s exactly why this video is so important.

It holds the KEY to maintaining your family’s lifestyle now and after you retire.

What’s All the Fuss About?

The fuss is about your retirement. Your sister’s retirement. Your neighbor’s retirement. And the retirement of probably everyone you know.

That’s because American savers are being forced into expensive mutual funds and risky high-yield and emerging market bonds because interest rates are near zero. Mutual funds and bonds are dangerous enough already. But there’s a hurricane on the horizon for investors who don’t understand what’s going to happen when interest rates normalize.

Remember 2008? There’s another massive financial bubble coming. And very, very soon, that bubble will burst. The Carl Icahn Danger Ahead video explains how and why that will happen.

Giving Credit Where It’s Due

Who’s to blame for the impending bubble?

There are two primary culprits.

First, the Federal Reserve has kept near-zero interest rates for too long, punishing savers who have been “forced” to invest in riskier and riskier assets like high-yield bonds to get enough return to eek out a measly retirement.

Second, the Wall Street mutual fund complex is busy packaging these risky bonds into products and pushing them on to desperate savers who think they are being prudent.

Not only is Wall Street failing to warn you about the bubble.

They’re actually fueling it by continuing to recommend portfolio allocations that rely on fixed-income investments like bonds.

Except that bonds are the most dangerous investment there is. Right now, they’re extremely over-valued. When that bubble bursts, all those investors who thought they were being prudent will be left with nothing but a shell of their retirement.

Who’s this Carl Icahn Guy—and What Does He Know About My Retirement?

Carl Icahn is a billionaire investor. His unique investing strategy motivated me to study finance. Along with Warren Buffett, he’s one of my personal financial heroes.

Let me be perfectly clear that I don’t admire these men for having made billions. Rather, I admire them for both their reliable investing strategy and their concern for the “little guy” despite decades on the Forbes 100 list.

These guys use their accumulated wisdom to warn investors: Icahn warns about misaligned management teams who use improper strategies and accounting gimmicks to loot the corporate treasury. And Buffett dispenses invaluable advice in his shareholder letters, like to be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful. This kind of wisdom, including the wisdom shared in the Carl Icahn Danger Ahead video, has helped me and my clients protect our savings. And for that, I cannot be more grateful.

I truly believe that this video could lead you to take action to preserve your lifestyle,

and that’s the only reason I’m sharing it with you today.

Best Way to Protect Yourself from the Bubble   


You should be.

But the good news is that you don’t have to be

Once you learn the science of investing, the power of  buying stocks of good companies at discounts to their value, and understand that the stock market has temporary interruptions of a permanent uptrend, you will gain the peace of mind that your retirement will be safe, even as everyone else’s crumbles.

Watching the Carl Icahn Danger Ahead video didn’t scare me because I already have a solid plan in place. It did scare me for the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have NO IDEA what’s around the bend and NO IDEA how to fix it.

That’s because there won’t be a way to fix it. The key is prevention. The concept that investing is “simple but not easy” is more important now than ever!

So what can you do so that you and your loved ones can enjoy a better retirement? Get educated. Most people just don’t know this stuff, and it’s not their fault. In fact, most advisors don’t even know this stuff—or if they do, they don’t share it with you.

That’s why I’ve gone out of my way to hold an educational seminar on October 8. I’m funding it 100% out of my own pocket because you deserve to know how to protect your retirement from the impending bubble—and every bubble after that.

The seminar is called Save Your Retirement 2.0: Why Investing is Simple but Not Easy. When you leave, you’ll have a crystal-clear understanding of why bonds are the riskiest investment and stocks are the only investment you can rely on.