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The government can mandate higher wages through minimum wage laws and can temporarily increase demand for workers above supply forcing smaller companies to compete with larger companies by bidding up wages. But they are targeting the wrong measure because just like in investing it is purchasing power that matters for standard of living. If inflation takes away your wage increases you are not better off. See a quick take from Dr. Ed Yardeni below:

In any case, the President’s goal should be to increase workers’ standards of living by raising their purchasing power. That can happen only if nominal wages rise faster than consumer prices. And that can happen only if productivity rises because real wages are determined by productivity, not by politicians or unions. However, more often than not, politicians and unions create impediments that weigh on productivity and boost labor costs. The result can be a wage-price spiral with prices rising faster than wages. The unintended consequence is that real wages decline along with productivity.

Source: Can Washington Raise Wages?