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"I'd rather not calculate how much I'm on track to make. I might be falling short, and that's not something I want to deal with right now."

That's the mentality that many average investors have.

Yet, the point is not to show you how much you're missing out on, but rather the opportunity that you have to save more for retirement. It represents a very clear picture of what you are losing out on and what it really means to be a ValueAligned® investor.

Seeing how much potential their savings have has been the impetus for many of our clients to stop paying high hidden fees and transition to an investing method that helps them save for retirement by promising real purchasing power.

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Drop your info into the mutual fund fee investment calculator below to see how much you're missing out on. This is an apples-to-apples comparison. It shows a 10% gross return for the average mutual fund investing scenario versus a 10% gross return for the ValueAligned® Portfolio.

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Don't Let Mutual Funds
Crack Your Nest Egg

Fees Matter: How You Can Cash in on Compounding Returns - In Spite of Compounding Costs

The effects of management fees, commissions, 12b-1 fees, sales loads, taxes, and other fees can significantly reduce the value of a portfolio over time. In fact, the compounded effect over just one or two decades can be enormous. Simply put, investments held in mutual funds build much smaller nest eggs for retirement, than investments that hold the underlying securities themselves.

Investment Calculator Assumptions

Raw Return: 10%
Annual Return of Non-Mutual Fund Portfolio: 8.75% (10% raw return minus 1.25% advisory fee)
Annual Return of Mutual Fund Portfolio: 6.91% (10% raw return minus 1.37% mutual fund expense ratio minus 0.72% brokerage costs minus 1% management fee)
Savings Growth Rate: 0%

Investment Calculator Disclaimers
The estimated nest egg amount shown in this investment calculator is for illustration purposes only to depict a very real, apples-to-apples scenario of an investment portfolio diluted by costs compared to a portfolio holding very high quality stocks, which is the investment approach of ValueAligned® Partners.

The 10% return is for illustration purposes only. It does not represent past or future returns for any investment product on this site. 10% should not be construed as a promise or projection by ValueAligned® Partners or Rapidan Capital, LLC. Additionally, nothing in this illustration, or in any part of this website, should be construed as independent financial advice or a guarantee of investment results.

The ValueAligned® Portfolio account has a 1.00% Financial advisory fee for advice, planning, and portfolio management, and a 0.25% fee for reporting, administration, and custody at Folio Institutional. There aren't any commissions, front-end loads, back-end redemption fees, sales charges, or outside money management fees. Assumption used for the illustration net return = 10.0% - 1.25% = 8.75%

The Average Stock Mutual Fund assumes an expense ratio (including 12b-1 fees, management fees, administrative fees, and other operating costs) of 1.37% per year, 0.72% per year of brokerage commissions - related to the buying and selling of securities in the portfolio* - and a 1.0% financial advisory fee. Assumption used for the illustration net return = 10.0% - 3.09% = 6.91% .

* The Hidden Costs of Mutual Funds by ANNA PRIOR Updated March 1, 2010 12:01 a.m. A study by three academics, Roger Edelen, Richard Evans and Gregory Kadlec of the University of California, the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech, respectively, found that mutual fund trading costs investors 1.44% per year on average. Commissions typically make up about half of a fund's total trading costs.