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Satisfied with your job? You might be able to find another one offering the salary you need.

But when it comes to growing your income – and protecting it from inflation – you have only one choice: becoming a successful stock investor.


Why Becoming a Successful Stock Investor is So Important

Maybe you’re thinking something like this:

“Wait a minute, David. My money is in mutual funds and bonds, and that seems to be working for me. The stock market is too volatile – how can you possibly recommend it given the 2008 crash and the recent 10% dip?”

The short answer is that volatility is good.

  • Mutual funds contain hidden fees that can cost you millions of dollars over a lifetime of investing – hardly a hedge against inflation.
  • Bond prices can’t get much higher after a 30-year bull market, meaning they’re no longer a viable long-term investment.
  • Stocks recently bounced back – and investors who stayed put are reaping the benefits right this second. Stock investors who have stayed in since the 2008 crash are doing even better!

You Have the Potential to Become a Great Stock Investor

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