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war on poverty

The poverty rate in the United States fell by half from 1950 to the start of the “War on Poverty.”… after the “War on Poverty” programs kicked in, the poverty rate has been stuck in a narrow corridor…Despite good intentions, statist redistribution programs to “help the poor” lead to multigenerational dependency and shrinking opportunities and incentives for low-skill individuals to enter the workforce, increase their skills, and move up the income ladder.

— From Lawrence McQuillian of the Independent Institute. Via The failure of America’s ‘War on Poverty’ in one chart | AEIdeas.

Thankfully, the war on poverty hasn’t wholly prevented great companies from flourishing within our less-than-ideal economic and political climate. In fact, investing in stocks of great companies is a rising income investment opportunity, meaning that it helps hedge against inflation while growing assets at the same time.

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