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Five Things To Do Now

Low Mortgage Rates & Treasury Yields

We have been given a gift: 10-year US treasury yields are at 2.0%. Mortgage rates are now under 4%.

That means bonds are at a high…SELL HIGH and MOVE INTO RISING INCOME INVESTMENTS LIKE STOCKS or REAL ESTATE…NOW! in OCTOBER before the Mid-Term Election effect kicks in.

mortgage rates

Here’s what you should do now:

Do this first.

Lock in low mortgage rates now. Consider refinancing.

10-year Treasury Yield falls to 2% this morning. Mortgage rates under 4%.

At Work: Change your 401(k) allocation choices and put all of your 401(k) savings in stocks of great companies. (That means “Stock Index Funds” with the lowest fees)

Old Jobs: Move your 401(k)s at former employers to one IRA Rollover where you control the fees and choose the investment managers and advisors.

At the Bank: Take your excess money out of the bank and put cash into your stock brokerage account.

At your Broker or Advisor: Set up stock accounts now, especially if you expect a windfall soon – a bonus, sale of a house, or a change of control payment.

I’m available to help you accomplish all this – starting today. Simply contact me at or 732-800-2375. In the meantime, learn more stock investing tips by signing up for my helpful email newsletters.