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If you’re on this page for reassurance that how to plan for your retirement is with the 60-40, stock-vs-bond strategy, you’re in the wrong place.

I hate that plan.

I’ll get more into my strategy on how to plan for your retirement later, which is completely different from the Wall Street approach – hint: I think you should invest in stocks of great companies – but first let’s talk about the right age to start saving.

The time to start saving for your retirement is NOW.

If you’re in your 20s or 30s and you’re on this page, good for you. The earlier you start thinking about how to plan for your retirement, the better.

But just like it’s never too early to start investing, it’s also never too late.

Any age is a good time to think about how to plan for your retirement.

Even if your desired retirement age is quickly approaching, it’s not too late to make changes to the way you invest your money.
The older you are, though, the fewer risks you’ll want to take. Yes, owning stocks of great companies may be volatile. But it is not risky! My idea of risky investments is fixed income bank deposits or bonds, and no income commodities, and mutual funds. Why?

  • Fixed income, especially at today’s low interest rates means losing a fight against inflation and taxes.
  • Mutual funds frequently have hidden fees that lower your returns so much that you risk not having enough income from your investments in retirement.

These risky investments are a core component of Wall Street’s strategy. At ValueAligned® Partners, our strategy is different. We believe investing directly in stocks of great companies, the way the rich have always done it, is the best way to earn money for retirement. If you want to have enough income to live in dignity and independence in retirement, choose the right stocks.

Don’t delay any longer in changing your approach.

Choose an investing approach that can help you generate money in the long-term.

That’s the solution: a plan that involves compound interest.

Not familiar with compound interest? It’s the concept of earning interest on top of interest on top of interest, creating a virtuous loop of increasing your investments by earning more and more.

A key component in compound interest: time. The longer you wait to invest money to take advantage of compound interest, the more potential earnings you miss out on.

Stop making excuses – set up a meeting with us today!

Procrastination is investing’s enemy. To start taking advantage of the potential of compound interest through investments in great companies, act now.
It’s easy to get started with us, so there is no room for excuses. Follow this link and schedule your free, 15-minute financial assessment with us. I’m happy to help with whatever you need, and I’m never more than an email or a phone call away at or 732-800-2375.