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VAP leads with planning.

The first thing we work to determine is what you're trying to accomplish, how much time you've got in which to accomplish it, and what resources you bring to the effort to achieve your goals. Then, together we develop an investment strategy: a plan for reaching your goals. Then, and only then, we design a portfolio of stocks of great companies which, at long-term historical rates of return, will get you where you need to go. We’re essentially financial planners first, and portfolio managers only in the sense that our shares of great companies are the funding media for the plans.

We are ever grateful for the partnerships and friendships we have with our clients.

VAP has a fiduciary obligation to our clients. 

Client Centered

Whether you’re just getting started, preparing for retirement, or well into your golden years. We have an obligation to always act in our clients’ best interests. You might say that our interests are as aligned with our client’s interests as possible.

Serving as a fiduciary is unfortunately not yet common in our industry.

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