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If you’re a Monmouth County, New Jersey stock investor, you may have heard of the 60/40 investing rule, perhaps from your advisor, broker, or a financial-guru friend. Despite 60/40’s widespread popularity, many investors are turning their backs on this traditional allocation method – and here’s why. 60/40 investing rule The 60/40 Investing Rule: Dethroned Since the 1940s, investors have been advised to place 60% of their savings in stocks and 40% of their savings in bonds. By allocating their money nearly evenly to rising-income investments and fixed-income investments, Americans hoped to save for retirement while hedging against possible risks such as stock market corrections. Recently, the tide has turned, however. With bond returns barely overcoming inflation, the 60/40 investing rule itself could pose the largest risk to investors’ retirement savings.   The Emperor’s New Clothes Despite the widespread news that bonds are no longer a viable investment strategy for retirement, some investors in Middletown, New Jersey; Red Bank, New Jersey; and throughout the U.S. are still buying bonds. They’re confused: “If 60/40 is out, what allocation is in?” As a New Jersey money manager and financial advisor, I’m asked this question almost daily. The problem is that it’s just not the right question. It’s a no-brainer that investors should allocate nearly 100% of their savings to rising-income investments, especially stocks. The real question is “What kind of stocks should I invest in?” And the answer is stocks of great companies.   Stock Investing with ValueAligned® Partners Does your portfolio contain stocks of great companies? I founded my retirement investing company ValueAligned® Partners to give investors in Middletown, New Jersey; Red Bank, New Jersey; and throughout the U.S. the ability to invest in growing, successful businesses – all with complete transparency and no hidden fees. Whether you’re an active stock investor, a lapsed stock investor, or you’ve never entered the market, I’m here to help you invest in stocks of great companies so you can enjoy the retirement you deserve. Simply contact me at or 732-800-2375. And reserve your ticket to my free live event on February 10!   Image Credit: ricetek | morguefile