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Have you read my Q2 letter?

If not, prepare to feel euphoric. And not just because it’s short!

Investors – maybe even you – were approaching euphoria by Q2’s end, according to the Hays Advisory’s asset allocation model, which estimates stock market risk over the next twelve months.

asset allocation

What did that asset allocation signal mean for stocks? The market’s bullish trend continued deep into the third quarter, although not as strongly as in the past five years.

Going forward, not every day will be euphoric. Not even every quarter. But we’ve learned a lot since the 2008 crash. More and more investors are returning to the stock market to embrace our five-year bull market. Of course, our clients have been investing in stocks of great companies all along.

How can you help combat your fear about stock market risk? Invest – directly in stocks of great companies – with no middle men and no hidden fees.

My message to you? Have faith in the future, but focus on today.

Please read my Q2 letter, and give me a call at (732) 800-2375 before you miss out further on this five-year bull market!

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