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The winter freeze has just begun to thaw, so you’re probably not in the mood for spring cleaning.

But when you do decide to bust out the duster, don’t forget to drag it over your mutual fund prospectus. It’s always worth another perusal to make sure you’re still on track to meet your retirement savings goals.

Of course, your own prospectus is part of a much, much larger web that comprises the 21st-century mutual fund system.

Reread your prospectus; then put it in perspective based on the following facts about mutual funds. It might just change how you feel about your retirement savings strategy.


5 Vital Facts about Mutual Funds


(1) The mutual fund industry has accumulated trillions of dollars over the years in investor savings.

Yes, you read that correctly.


From investor savings.

Mutual funds have emerged as one of the most popular investment vehicles during the last several decades. And there’s a reason for that…


(2) Mutual fund managers earn billions on hidden fees.

No wonder they spend so much energy pushing mutual funds. Look how much they’re making!

Of course, that has a major effect on hard-working American investors like you…


(3) Mutual funds leave most investors way short of the millions they need for retirement.

Have you calculated how much money you really need to afford both necessities and luxuries post-career?

For most people like you, it’s $3 million.

The new culture of hidden fees has created major deficits for most couples. And it’s a darn shame, because things used to be different…


(4) Mutual funds were once a much more viable investment vehicle.   

In fact the mutual fund system was established in the 1950s to give hard-working Americans a way to save steadily and securely for retirement.

How do I know all this…?


(5) My dad was one of the pioneers of the mutual fund industry.


I admire my dad’s contribution to the American economy. He created a solution that, for decades, allowed millions of couples to retire comfortably and on time.

The evolution of that system at the expense of hard-working Americans is what I’m crusading against.


Transitioning from Mutual Funds to Stocks of Great Companies

There’s one thing we can take away from these facts about mutual funds:

Mutual fund managers are making way too much money for hidden fees to go away anytime soon.

That gives you two choices. Leave your money where it is and risk running out of funds during retirement. Or transition to a more reliable rising-income investment: stocks of great companies.


Stock Investing with ValueAligned® Partners

I founded my firm ValueAligned® Partners to give Americans like you the chance to grow your retirement savings by investing in stocks of great companies. It’s the best way I know of to help hard-working Americans retire more comfortably.

During the past decade, I’ve worked with investors in Red Bank and Middletown, New Jersey and across the country, helping them assuage their fears about stock market risk and enjoy unprecedented returns.

Learn more about the dangers of mutual funds and the benefits of investing in stocks of great companies – download my whitepaper today.

And don’t hesitate to contact me at or 732-800-2375 if you’re ready to get started investing.


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