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Investing in stocks still seems risky to some Americans who abandoned the market after 2009.

But those who stayed in have tripled their money since the end of the stock market crash in March of 2009.


In honor of that statistic, here are three reasons you should make the switch from investing in bonds to investing in stocks:

(1) Data doesn’t lie.

The S & P Index alone is up nearly 10% YTD – despite market fears fueled by 2014 crises including the missing Malaysian Airlines flight, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and, most recently, the spread of Ebola outside West African borders.

(2) History has a point.

The post-midterm election period has historically been a good one for investors – in fact, it’s been the strongest investing period for the past 70 years, without a single negative year during that entire seven decades. Now is a great time to invest.

(3) Bonds have gone bust.

Bonds used to be a reliable – albeit less volatile and less rewarding – way to earn money. But recently, very low interest rates on U.S. Treasuries should encourage you to cash out and choose to invest in stocks of great companies.

Taking the First Step to Investing in Stocks

“Stocktober” 2014 was about more than just selling your bonds. It was about taking that cash and investing in stocks so you benefit just like those investors who never left the stock market.

Watch my new video to learn more.

Investing in Stocks of Great Companies with ValueAligned® Partners

ValueAligned® Partners gives investors the opportunity to own stocks of great companies directly through separately managed accounts.

The ValueAligned® “Hedge” Fund (for accredited investors) is up 10.5% YTD while other stock hedge funds are up less than 1%. And the ValueAligned® Portfolio (for everyone) at Folio Institutional is up 10.3%.

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Image Credit: Melodi2 | morguefile