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As we speak, I’m celebrating my 25th year as an independent investment advisor. Save those gifts of silver, though. All signs are pointing to a critical opportunity to put that money to work in 2016.

But before we get into that, let’s take a quick look back at last year. Click here to check out my 2015 stock market recap.

Can’t click over to YouTube quite yet? Here’s a breakdown.

2015 Stock Market Recap

Rising-income investments – U.S. stocks and real estate – were again kings of the hill.

As I’ve said like a broken record, if you are serious about saving for your retirement,

invest in stocks of great companies.

Here’s some great news for U.S. households. AAA released its national survey showing that gasoline prices are averaging $2 per gallon nationwide. That’s the equivalent of a national $1 billion tax rebate across the country for every penny of decrease. If gas prices go down $1 – which they have over the last 12 months – that’s like a $100 billion dollar country-wide tax cut, which means money funneled directly into the pocket of the American consumer. And if crude-oil prices remain around $50 a barrel, you can expect more decreases to come.

Unfortunately, the energy sector is getting crushed. According to Wells Fargo, high-yield bond issuance from energy companies has jumped to almost $200 billion outstanding, up from around $90 billion in 2010. With the energy sector counting for around 14% of outstanding corporate bonds, rising defaults could lead to greater financial volatility. Here’s the silver lining: I believe lower gasoline prices for the American consumer and lower energy prices for American businesses will ultimately outweigh any trouble in the financial world in relation to energy.

Cutting through the noise with this 2015 stock market recap is half the battle when considering your investments. Getting lost in the fray is more the rule than an exception. That’s why we here at ValueAligned® Partners prefer using a model approach that utilizes consistent inputs, limits subjectivity, and protects against placing too much weight on any one indicator.

My 2015 stock market recap video goes into greater detail, but here’s the lowdown. Hays Advisory Sentiment readings have returned to the bottom 20% and absolute valuations in the stock market have barely improved. For that reason, we are more cautious about the short and intermediate term. We’re currently 80% net invested and exposed to the stock market. Right now, cash protection is in place and we need to take advantage of any short term weaknesses and invest.

But here’s an even bigger picture. The Perez Technology Surge Cycle, based on the findings of acclaimed Venezuelan economist Carlota Perez, shows us that we’re currently in the second half of a fifth techno economic revolution that launched in 1971 with Intel’s invention of the microprocessor chip.

In short, history dictates that we are on the verge of a 20 to 25 year “golden age” of economic growth.

You need to take advantage of the dips and price declines in the very best stocks and prepare for this oncoming golden period while you can. I’m extremely optimistic about the future, and encourage anyone who is on the fence to get their cash into an account in the first quarter of 2016. The time is now!

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