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Remember the partial government shutdown last fall? If you have a TV and/or work for a government agency or contractor, you probably do – with chagrin.

Incessant news coverage convinced many Americans that the government had not a penny to spend.

Au contraire, as Senator Tom Coburn pointed out in his annual Wastebook.

While tens of thousands of Americans were forbidden to work due to supposed budget deficits, the USDA funded several frivolous projects, including two smartphone apps designed to help users navigate not to their next job, but to the next winery on their tasting list!



Image Credit: cherylholt | morguefile


During the government shutdown, there was plenty of wine to go around, and food, too, despite the Old Guard’s warning that decreased federal spending would end American society as we know it.

It’s been clear for hundreds of years that technological innovations drive growth – until the pols get their paws on them.

My advice? Keep pushing America toward technological innovations. And vote for politicians who commit to that, too.

If you don’t, it’s your wallet on the line.

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