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Still own bonds? If you follow U.S. Treasury news, you probably won’t for much longer.

10-year Treasury interest rates are at 2% as of October 15. And mortgage rates have dipped below 4%. Bank 1-year CD rates are less than 1%.

Moving your money out of bonds right now is a no-brainer. But what should your next move be?

Buying stocks of great companies.

Investing in successful companies is the best way to maximize your potential lifetime earnings. That’s because it transforms you from a lender to a business owner.

Successful business owners typically make more money than their lenders. Ever seen Bill Gates’ lender on the Forbes 100 list?

Please, please, please move your money out of bonds now – and consider refinancing your mortgage. Just don’t forget the most important step: buying stocks of great companies.

You should put all of your savings into stocks of great companies methodically. But to benefit from the truly historic move in interest rates, you must move into stocks ASAP – before the strongest period for stocks starts in November – the post mid-term election season.

Please take this opportunity to act. Call your banker, your broker, or financial advisor. Or call me and I will walk you through it – free of charge or obligation. I help family and friends all the time and I am honored to do it for you, too.

ValueAligned® Partners allows investors like you to own stocks of great companies directly – without the middlemen and without the hidden fees. Call me at (732) 800-2375, email me at, or go to for guidance today. And don’t forget to sign up for my helpful email newsletters.

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